The information included in the OMA brochure, has been written by parents of children with OMA, and adults with OMA. This information is based on what our doctors have told us about the condition, and also about what our children have experienced as a result of their OMA diagnosis.

To submit your brochure request for hard copies only, please fill out the form below or email us at Please indicate BROCHURE REQUEST on the subject, and include the address and quantity of brochures needed on your message. 

Hard copies are $1 USD each and are professionally printed on glossy paper. Shipping is included in continental U.S. International shipping rates range from $1.2 to $5 USD depending on the quantity needed.

Thank you!  

​​Our OMA brochure is a great way to get an overview about the condition and learn about our community. You may share our brochure with doctors, patients, teachers, therapists and family members. A soft copy (PDF version) is available free of charge by clicking on the link below. You may re-print and distribute as you wish. 

We encourage you to invite your child's doctor to download or order brochures so it can be given to current and future patients.

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